Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Nothing Worth Having Comes Easy

There was a troubling sentiment stirred by my recent posts about out of game market feeds being broken.  What's worse, outrage seems to be woefully misdirected on this issue; not so much at the tools but at those that use them.  If you'll pardon a little rambling, I'd like to see if I can get our collective heads on straight about the issue.  This has been distilled down from some far less eloquent frothing rants.

What Is Truly Upsetting

The out of game feeds are furnished by breaking the rules.  Hem and haw over the actual value those tools enable, but the simple and undeniable truth is scraping the cache is against the rules.  Now, CCP is not Judge Dredd, and therefore is treating this issue similarly to US DOJ vs states with marijuana legalization: "technically illegal, but not worth enforcing".  I don't believe we are in danger of market feeds actually being taken away, but I am afraid CCP will never see the effort of internalizing those feeds as worth pursuing.

I think it's important to stay on topic with this issue to make sure we build a request that CCP can reasonably deploy and sunset this weird gray relationship market aggregators live in  Though I think there are opportunities for development that CCP is ignoring, that are enabled by cache scraping, the real truth is the cache needs to be removed and the security hole plugged.  Market feeds are important to 3rd party devs, but an official stream is a better solution in the long run.

Tools are Unfair

This is the sentiment I've found troubling.  That somehow, those who take the time to develop and use tools to increase their effectiveness are "ruining the game".  Frankly, this is a crock of shit.  EVE is hardcore Anarcho-Capitalism at its core.  Those with the largest legion, the deepest pockets, the best tools, and the most charisma are going to win.  You are not entitled to profits and success, you have to work for them.  And even with work, you can lose it all.  It's the nature of the cold terrible game we play.

In my mind, this is tantamount to complaining that guides are unfair.  That somehow doing things "the hard way" rather than looking to build off those that came before you is the purest way to play.  Furthermore, to decry me because my solution is better than yours and you haven't invested the effort to try and beat me... it's just silly.

I am more than happy to explain mechanics or share tools, it's a game and we're a community... but I won't be made the villain purely because I spent (considerable amounts of) my time perfecting my small segment of gameplay and you did not.  I am but one man, and with enough work, time, effort and friends you too could surpass me... I have no secret sauce, only a lot of experience in figuring out what does and does not work.

You Can Only Change Yourself

There are a lot of common whines in most PVE/industry/market circles.  The most common can be summed up: those with no life are making it impossible to play casually.  From "the 0.01ISK game"  to "mined minerals are free" to "incomprehensible market behavior" there is no limit to outrage that certain players are playing the game wrong and ruining it for the rest of us.

The long and short of it is, EVE is a sandbox.  If you don't like a certain segment of play, it is usually within your power to avoid or change it.  
  • Hate competing against 0.01ISK changes?
    • Move out of Jita/Amarr/Dodixie/Rens
    • Operate in lower volumes or in less cut-throat products
    • Step up your game: split your orders and beat them at their own game
    • Get friends, start your own 24hr cartel!
  • Think T1 margins are too thin?
    • Don't build T1
    • Find miner contractors who think their free time is free
    • Become more agile to capitalize on margins as they become available
  • Absurd market moves ruining your margin?
    • Buy out very low orders
    • Raise buy-order floor and snatch up low price goods automatically
    • Hire mercs!   Kill them all!
If you change yourself to suit the environment, you will find far more opportunities than waiting for the game to be magically changed to suit your demands.