Monday, November 4, 2013

The Universe is a Small Place

I have a particularly terrible loss on my record that my friends in Aideron Robotics will never let me live down.

Due to a big mistake on my part, I did not change my AP route planner from the previous night's PVP roam.  Thought I was flying gate-to-gate, I was not paying attention to the route.  Once I realized my mistake, it was too late.  Didn't help that the loot fairy was so damned generous.

I continue to defend that despite such a monumental loss AIDER still managed to meet its obligations to its staff that month and the industry program continued as planned.  So in the scale of fails, though that might have bankrupted anyone else, and caused members to ragequit, we came out largely unscathed as an organization.  Also, it helps that we didn't lose the freighter we have a particular sentiment for.

Fast forward to yesterday.  One of the guys who ganked me, EURIPODES, was in local and struck up a conversation.  After shooting the shit back and forth for a bit, he told me a rather interesting story.  It seems his cut from the gank (1B) was used to get him from being constantly space-poor to instead invest in sustainable income.  Now he's among the space-rich... all thanks to, as I joked, "Unintentional Philanthropy".  He continued to thank me for the leg up, and returned the 1B as karma.

Sometimes this game is amazing.  Though I am not hurting for ISK, I really appreciate the gesture.  It's fun to see something go full circle like that.  Just to get the story is worth the loss at this point.

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Raziel Walker said...

Ouch, nice if you can manage a loss like this without failing delivery obligations.
That's a bad return of interest :) Invest 15bn get 1 billion back after a year and a half. Cheers for Euripodes though, a better man as I probably would have been.

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