Friday, December 20, 2013

Promoting Learning

November and December have been a real shift in my playstyle and priorities.  Though I am still chipping away at my old goals of Conquering the T2 Manufacturing Sphere, Aideron Robotics has given me fresh new goals with some much younger players.  Though I am not participating in very much PVP, the bits I get to do are fun, and my work enables the corp to reach above its weight class.

As I said before, my training contributions haven't been very helpful lately.  The summer pushed me in to the 1% echelons and what I personally find helpful these days is not applicable to the general players just looking to get their careers off the ground.

As a half-joke, I started streaming my EVE playing.  Though I don't use the in-client tool (doesn't do anything for multiboxing), I can now show off exactly HOW I do what I do.  Personally, I think this is kind of dull to share, but I've been getting a ton of positive feedback about the streams.

Guides requested in streams:

  • How to POS?  Speccing a POS, what mods in what quantities?
  • How to spreadsheet?  Your sheets are awesome, I want!
  • How to pick a product?
  • Where to sell a product?
  • How can industry help a corp?
These are all great questions, but each is a pretty big topic.  Though I'm liking the response my infographics have been receiving, they aren't always the right tool for the job.  I tried to work on a T2 production flowchart to explain how you can optimize research/manufacturing in parallel, but I couldn't make it pretty.  

Instead, I have a few people whispering in my ears to do some youtube things.  And though I would love to do a series of classes, rather than the 1-hr rant fests that most game youtube channels tend to be, the time investment is pretty steep.  I will be talking to some of my buddies to see if I can get a video editor at the least so I can offload the part I just have no time for.

And because I've been neglecting my #graphpr0n duties

Since I released my Booster Use Infographic (updated version here) I wanted to see if I had any sort of impact on the game.  Though the post-release spike is pretty considerable, it's hard to isolate the reasons.  One of the Yule Lads handouts was a Synth booster, and I would need better data on fights/deaths to really dig into the impact.  Though it's pretty convincing to say here that it's not exactly seasonal.  It's refreshing to see demand growing over the last year, but only time will tell.

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