Friday, February 14, 2014


It has been a whirlwind for me since the start of the year.  Was making some excellent progress toward tools, was cooking some ambitious EVE plans for my friends and myself, and then WHAM! IRL struck a critical blow to my free time.  Thankfully the blow is a net positive for me, not so much for you #graphpr0n fans.

What Is It You Do Again?

If you ever wondered why I have such a passion for big data, graphs, and manufacturing, you only have to look to my real life job: Wafer Test/Probe Engineer.  Simple TL;DR is we're the last stop for wafers in fabrication... we prove if the design and process meets spec to ship forward to package.  We filter out 95-99% of the bad die and provide direct data for process/design feedback.  In short, we're implementing all of the tests for the parts, and generate fuckloads upon fuckloads of data.

Personally, I've spent my time on Phase Change Memory, a NAND replacement.  With one project dying, I've been moved to a new bleeding-edge team.  Needless to say, it's been hot and heavy, and it's left me with almost no free time to do my EVE hobby work.  

In the end, I am an engineer first.  As much fun as messing with EVE data is, it's only an outlet to approach problems from work in a new light.  In all seriousness, I've been given carte blanche to do the data work I want for real, and may have the opportunity to pursue patents for my big-data work.  I'm not quitting EVE, but my time is going to be severely limited going forward.

"The Plan" v2.0

"The Plan" originally was to announce my CSM candidacy by now.  I was hoping to run side-by-side with @Fuzzysteve, and push API, industry, and general balance going forward into (a perceived) "Blue Doughnut" future.  I will need to dedicate another post to the entire CSM plan, and I'd still like to throw my hat in, but I don't feel like I can balance the CSM work load against the lucrative career opportunity that work has presented me.  

I've been trying to drive my sparse EVE time into helping Aideron Robotics conquer and hold Fliet.  This has left my industry operations in the lurch, to the chagrin of my new partner in crime.  There are some murmurs we're working through to perhaps push some new industry work, but in the meantime, I've been keeping my focus on Aideron's needs.  

So Many Inventions Half Invented

This massive shift in my IRL work has dropped in at exactly the wrong time.  I currently have the data/graphs/charts for two pretty big data pieces.  I pushed a lot of code between Christmas and the end of January... and I can't really share the results with you all because I don't have time to put the presentations together!

First, B-R5RB.  I was exquisitely well positioned for this fight, having just released a new tool for Aideron Robotics to take a different look at zKillboard data than I had done originally (more about it in March).  I was even approached by Crossing Zebras' Xander Phoena to do an infographic reminiscent of my Booster Consumption piece.  Despite my best efforts to deliver, my approaches did not solidify quickly and I am once again left with a dozen or so graphs and the data behind them... but no finished product.  If Xander is reading this, I really am exceptionally sorry I've been unable to deliver.  

Second, January's blog banter.  Thanks to Chribba, I have a dump of his eve-offline data up to mid January.  I was going to string this all together with market/destruction data to talk about the perceived lull in subscription/player numbers.  I had most of the data processed, but was lacking a good way to put it all together into a compelling story.  This is about 75% complete.  I will try to take some time soon to try and tie it all up... or at the least dump the #graphpr0n here for the general populace to enjoy.  There were some interesting conclusions, but I just ran out of time.  Enjoy a small scrap in the meantime.
2 Year Jita Market View - Click to embiggen
Lastly, it seems CCP Quant has taken the reins to push more EVE data out from CCP... which is awesome... but it's hard to compete as a 3rd party against the real thing.  It's been a great breath of fresh air to see CCP pushing their own data out again, since the loss of CCP Diagoras.

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