Monday, July 28, 2014

Weekend Update

Crunched on some work this weekend.  Getting dangerously close to complete on the spreadsheet front, and pushed some updates out.  Just posting this as a quick update for those that may have missed them.

Crius Industry Tools for Google Drive - Update

I pushed some updates to the script this weekend.  This should address some bugs with the getPOS() routine, as well as some features that @CCP_Nullarbor added to the Teams CREST feeds.
  • Fixed issue with getPOS(): Was trying to fetch location names with the wrong function call.  This issue has been resolved and all valid TQ corp keys should return good data now
  • Fixed issue with getIndustryJobs(): Was not fetching personal jobs correctly.  Changed key validation to be correct now.  Can fetch corporate or personal jobs automatically off a single key/vcode
  • Added teamName/activity to Teams and TeamsAuction feeds: Were "TODO" placeholders.  Now reports in-game names and valid activity information
Go fetch a fresh copy from either source, and continue reporting bugs
I still need to clean up some errors and hanging bits.  I'd like to push this tool to proper add-in status, but I am a little unclear on what to do between what I have now and what it takes to be considered "release ready".  Also, probably time to bite the bullet and buy some icon/banner designs.

More Crius Utilities for Devs

This one won't be as useful for the veteran 3rd party devs, but should be invaluable to the amateurs.  I put together some SQL queries and the resultant CSVs into the github.  If you're trying to update your spreadsheets with new data, these feeds should help you save a boatload of time.  If you're not sure what to do with the CSV files, I suggest you read up on pivot tables.

Let's Build a Spreadsheet Series

I did a pretty long set of streams on Sunday.  The goal was to help show off the spreadsheet fu and help people learn to build better spreadsheets with the tools at hand.  I will have the raw streams up on YouTube and Twitch tonight, but I want to boil down the lesson plans into 5-15min function lessons.  I still need to write up lesson plans and get my hands around video editing, but it's a goal for this August to put together a series that will help people build their own calculators.


Gaio said...

I have 3 question,
1: in the data pull for the noobs (like me) some item are there 2x
2: For some reason i can't find the Tornado in there
3: Is there any way to pull the Api from eve-marketdata for all items?

And i have to say, thank you very much for the data pull, is did my job much easier

Unknown said...

Awesome work saves me a lot of hassle !

Unknown said...

Thought I'd let you know a lot of the material data that you've pulled is incorrect due to them removing base minerals and such from items such as Null L (there are no material requirements for minerals other than morphite) but your ss is showing lots of others. Anychance you could update it with the new dump?

Unknown said...

Yeah, I just ran a test cycle and can up hilariously wrong for mats. Need to pull the stats again and double check with a fine toothed comb. It's on the to do.

Ecosprout said...

So I'm having some issues with the script not updating on it's own. I used "=AllAdjustedPrices(true,false)"

For triggers, do I need to add date_array and all the __fetch commands? Currently I only have the GDocs functions triggered to update every hour.

Unknown said...

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Tanin said...

Have you ended up doing that "Let's Build a Spreadsheet Series"? Can't seem to find anything on youtube about it but wasn't sure if it is actually hidden under the market episodes.

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