Monday, November 9, 2015

Market Maker Interview - Special 01 - Delonewolf

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Our first Market Maker interview, delonewolf, produces the first (and only other) regular market review at EVE Talk

A trader and industrialist, delonewolf has made a name for himself with his impressive presence on youtube; producing both EVE Talk the market show along with editorials and tutorials.  As a major influence to the EVE Prosper show, we were very excited to get him online for our first interview.  Specifically for his alternate perspective giving players a chance to see the market in a different way.  Tune in for his thoughts on content, money making, play style, and future projects!


Brian Smith said...

Looking forward to listening to this! I've been watching Delonewolf's videos for a while, and talked to Locke about market stuff many times. It will be very interesting to hear what they say.

Sam said...

Awesome thanks for the content!

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