Monday, January 25, 2016

Market Maker Interview - Special 03 - Caleb Ayrania

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We take a look back into the long economic history of EVE with Caleb Ayrania. Revitalizing the scc-lounge in game and on the Tweetfleet slack.  Long time market maker and proto-CSM member, Caleb has been a fixture of the economic meta game since EVE's inception.

Check out his other projects here:
Be sure to chat with him in game, on tweetfleet, or on tweetfleet @CalebAyrania 

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Zappity said...
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Zappity said...

I would love to see more of these discussion-based episodes. Market manipulation (non-exploit based) would be an interesting topic. Also notable scams.

Jasperwillem said...

When you go into PVP, PCE etc... you have to do research too, not just when you want to deal in MD forums, or SCC channel. So, its not different as other parts of the game, if you are less interested in it, it feels differently probably. But its the same.

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