Thursday, January 24, 2013

Heavy Metal Queen

With Nomad production so close it makes me itchy to think about, I am facing a battle against nostalgia.  Now with (several) pilots able to fly a Fenrir, my focus on nomad construction, and best-in-class agility, I'm severely tempted to add a Fenrir to my personal fleet.  Unfortunately, I already own 2 freighters (Charon and Obelisk) and an Orca... and I can't think of a reason to own 3 freighters.

It's time to say good bye to the Heavy Metal Queen
I would usually hock a hull like this without remorse, but the Heavy Metal Queen has very special connotation.  This obelisk has been in my possession for over 5 years.  It has weathered low-sec, wars, heavy industry, and been passed between all my characters more times than I care to count.  It also ducked my derp of a freighter loss back in April.

The Story

Way way back, I flew in a locals-only corp, Lionsgate Ionic Dispersion.  We all lived in the Denver-metro area, and were a reasonably standard highsec do-all-the-things corp.  This eventually grew into a do-all-the-things alliance (Darkmatter Initiative).  This freighter was a corp investment where we all pooled together to make our footprint on EVE just a little larger.

Such a huge leap forward required a title!  Pool nerds together to try and pay homage to their favorite works of fiction, and the argument may take a while.  Though I can't at all remember the other suggestions, the name that ended up sticking was "Heavy Metal Queen".  The story goes: since it's a space truck, and we were all Cowboy Bebop fans, we needed to name it in that universe.  Unfortunately, no one could agree on how to spell "Tepscure", and HMQ just stuck.

Though all but one member, +Grant Matheny, have long since left EVE, this freighter has remained in my possession.  It has weathered wars, the rise and fall of several alliances, forays into capital production, and moves all over the EVE galaxy.  Unfortunately, I don't want to hang onto another hangar ornament... so it is time to send the Heavy Metal Queen into the ether.

If you're a sentimental sod and want to inherit the legacy, drop me a line.  Though I am looking to sell the beast, I'd like to know it went to a good home and could continue acquiring stories.

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