Sunday, February 24, 2013

Ding - Ship's Ready!

Several weeks of work have finally come to fruition.  That is one completed Nomad.

Only one problem: #BadLuckBrian

That's right, between starting the build and delivering it, Nomad's lost 1B in price.  What's worse, what was lost was entirely margin.  The price to build has stayed flat at 5.8B.  Economic verdict: Settling in-line with the rest of the JF's.  Where every other race has swung with the ups and downs of the market, Nomads remained rock-steady.  If you've been waiting for a good chance to buy a JF, Feb/March are going to be your months!

Unfortunately, with the weekly margin under 500M, that's a lot of ISK to tie up.  Also, the current price free-fall has curbed my appetite to playing in this market in the short term.  The plan is to bank the remaining raw-costs to build Nomad #2, but delay putting it in the machine until margins improve.  I will take the remaining ISK and try to better chase some other high-margin bets in the meantime.  I also want to expand offerings into black ops and the cruisers I currently am missing from the collection.  I would also like to expand freighter production to either 2x Fenrirs or add Obelisks to the rotation.

And true to my promise, I have spaceship cheesecake after the break

Should link to 1080p desktop size... if you are so inclined

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