Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Limits We Set

Behind the scenes I have a lot of limits for my industry project.  These are limits that help keep my project on-goal, and avoid making too much work for myself.

One such goal is maximum Tritanium per week, set at 100M.  This week found me crashing through that ceiling in spectacular fashion as the final tally for this week was over 150M.  It seems I underestimated what freighters + large guns + new mods would do to my freight load.

Why do I tie my goal to Tritanium?  Because it is, by far, the largest share of what I freight for materials.  Since freighters top out at a load of 85M Tritanium, I set the ceiling at 100M so I could handle some spill-over to Red Frog Freight.  Unfortunately, by letting the weekly load grow so large, it took 2 Red Frog contracts to ship just the Tritanium and Pyerite.

This benchmark means a couple things.  First, that my logistics chain is going to get more complicated sooner than I expected.  Second, that I can start employing or contracting miners to supply me.  I should have a post going deeper into the topic of sponsoring miners later this week.

But here I am, opening my doors to private suppliers!  This is your chance to "push button, receive bacon" and help make my life easier!  I will pay Jita prices if you can ship the low-ends I need to keep the industrial machine running.

The particulars:

  • Maximum weekly demand: 150M
  • Contract increments: 10M Units
  • Buy price: Jita lowest-sell at the time of contracting (~6.0/unit)
  • Maximum weekly demand: 50M
  • Contract increments: 5M Units
  • Buy price: Jita Lowest-Sell at time of contracting (~15.5/unit)
  • Maximum weekly demand: 10M
  • Contract increments: 1M Units
  • Buy price: Jita Lowest-Sell at time of contracting (~53.4/unit)
Delivery location: Venilen IX - Moon 7 - Caldari Navy Testing Facilities 
Order Form: Buy Calculator Here

I will have a shared spreadsheet or form to help track orders.  I hope to put a few of you dedicated miners to work!

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