Monday, March 11, 2013


Spring is creeping in, and I'm about to hit the same wall I hit periodically.  Like clockwork, I am getting stircrazy with my current state of play.  Also, it's about time to reevaluate my goals and progress and take a little time to decompress and start fresh.  It's time for a bit of an EVE holiday.

The confluence is due to a few factors.  First, I've made some less-than-great bets that need some time to shake out.  Second, I am brushing against the acceptable upper limit for work in-game.  Third, I'm really not pocketing the ISK I'd like to be.  The hope here is to extend this work week out from 8d to 14d, allowing me the time to sell this week's products for a higher margin than currently expected.

Now, what does a heavy industrialist vacation look like?  Sadly, it would be unwise to just full-stop the production line while I slack off.  First, there is a baseline of low-effort product that would be silly not to keep up with.  Second, there are some products that require enough lead time that any break from production is effectively doubled (read: freighters).  So, think of it as more of a "half time" break than a full shutdown.

What to do in the break?  I'd like to really get a lot of code done.  I have a few people waiting up to join in open development, but I have given myself some benchmarks to meet before accepting their help.  Half because I need to do the code; it's a learning exercise.  Half because if I don't, I'll be left being the conductor writing pseudo-code, relying on others to do it for me.

I will post soon(tm) about the different levels of commitment for the industry project.  Maybe I can help pull back the curtain, or iluminate how I could be doing it better.

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Raziel Walker said...

Heh same situation here. I moved two alts out of null to (caldari) high sec to start up some small scale industry and see how high compares to null. At least I can move minerals in a freighter instead of deep space transport.

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