Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Market Graph Cheesecake

Been dinking around with gdoc more than is healthy... again.  But I was consumed, once again, with the need for a piece of data that just isn't easy to get your hands on.

For a VERY LONG TIME, I've wanted to track not only individual product histories, but also their relationships to eachother.  I know it's possible to generate this data by hand... but... by hand sucks.  So I fiddled with EMD's history feed and ended up with a custom javascript that helps put it into a spreadsheet.

With Odyssey around the corner, and the rebalances coming to moon-goo, it was time to refresh my tools for watching it.  Also, after my work-buddy bounced a tidbit of knowledge about ISK/hr off me, it was time to reevaluate how I deal with components/moon-goo all together.  The result?  A new spreadsheet that allows you to split the component load and tracks histories of all the raw materials.  Best part?  I can set the price feeds to any particular region, and it's all automated.

I still have some tweaking to get charts to line up the way I want, but I give you the sexy results of my labor:

I next want to merge the dependencies together so you can quickly pick out which is the trend leader, but I have yet to figure out the best way to process/analyze them.

At the least, I now have another tool in my belt to make due while IRL stops me from doing better code.   I do find it interesting that all the material classes are converging on a central price... but we'll see post-Odyssey how null politics shake out.


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The Dovers- said...
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