Thursday, May 23, 2013

More Graphs!

Finally got back into town and can start pounding on projects again.  Just a quick interlude before I post some really big news soon(tm).

I hope this helps give a peek into how I think about things and maybe I can get a little feedback on how to leverage the data I'm generating better.

These two graphs represent the historical prices and eventual returns on Vagabonds.  The specific numbers are a bit squishy (long flat spaces are backfilled data) but this represents a good peek into the by-decryptor breakdown of a single ship.

The interesting thing here to remember is decryptors don't just change the price-per-unit of an item (top graph), but they also can change the number of runs on a successful print.  Using the final yield times the margin nets the actual revenue possible from each BPO you put into copy.  The bottom graph doesn't exactly take into account the per-character maximums (the math gets a little funky there), but gets a lot closer than before.

I would love to make more of these, but a single ship seems to use up my complexity budget.  I'll try to put together a similar report like my capital charts... factoring the time-to-market with everything else:

Added the live-charts for fun after a break.  Probably still broken though.

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