Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Kill Data Progress

Short and sweet on this one.  Just want to share some of the graphpr0n I've managed to get out of the work so far.  I've pushed the raw data dumps to gdoc if you want to play along.

Stacked Area

Stacked Area

Stacked Area


Rookie ship241695
Capital Industrial Ship245
Prototype Exploration Ship186

As of 2013-10-08 @ 17:45 MDT


The main guy I am bouncing ideas off of with this project is Valkrr.  Since he's doing a far more comprehensive version of my table, we keep swapping tips and tricks.  Some quick progress stuff
  • Features yet to add
    • Clean up progress printing
    • Better tune between-call sleeps
    • More information in the crash handler (group progress numbers, "globals")
    • Repeated kill protection
    • Remove extra id/strings from DB
  • Might swap crawling style from groupID to regionID (as per Valkrr's advice)
    • better quality data faster
    • current schema needs WHOLE SCRIPT to run before module data is useful
    • not as easy to clean up overwrites?
    • ~400kills/minute, 264k kills so far... 
    • still need cruisers, frigates, shuttles, and pods

Coup de Grace

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Fengrar said...

Love reading your posts, makes me wish I understood programming.

But I do have a question... I noticed that the Onerios jumped about 30m in price around week 21 but there was no real change in ships destroyed, why do you think this is?

John Purcell said...

Not sure exactly. My bes guess is that was during CFC's fountain campaign, but I'd have to check dates. Need to merge in sales volumes too.

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