Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Objective Complete: zKB Data Get

3.75M Kills parsed (2013 so far)
17.5M Entries
40hr estimated parsing time

Frigate 905,329
Cruiser 315,493
Battleship 77,617
Industrial 81,642
Capsule 929,041
Titan 25
Shuttle 41,814
Rookie ship 246,308
Assault Frigate 110,147
Heavy Assault Cruiser 30,583
Deep Space Transport 2,421
Combat Battlecruiser 170,480
Destroyer 332,165
Mining Barge 54,804
Dreadnought 2,218
Freighter 1,960
Command Ship 6,340
Interdictor 32,956
Exhumer 24,032
Carrier 4,873
Supercarrier 113
Covert Ops 39,401
Interceptor 52,546
Logistics 15,082
Force Recon Ship 24,132
Stealth Bomber 97,226
Capital Industrial Ship 247
Electronic Attack Ship 5,940
Heavy Interdiction Cruiser 3,961
Black Ops 1,129
Marauder 1,375
Jump Freighter 861
Combat Recon Ship 8,368
Industrial Command Ship 2,986
Strategic Cruiser 32,309
Prototype Exploration Ship 265
Attack Battlecruiser 82,652
Blockade Runner 11,583

Remaining To-Do

  1. Investigate count bug
    • Initial dump is 10x expected values on items?
  2. Finish "prettying" for release
  3. Update pricefetch to scrape all regions for full market picture
  4. Find a way to maintain/release .sql dump of data generated
  5. mySQL optimization and "bridge" scripts for smaller passes

Progress So Far

I have to thank a bunch of people for helping me get to this point where I have at least a passable crawler and data set to munch on.  I would like to get EVE-Central's dumps processed before moving onto the data science step, but we will see what happens.

Extra special thanks to:
I still have a lot of work to go between "working" and "good", but being able to stand upright and get my hands on this data is exceptionally awesome.

Finally, I can put together data like this:

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