Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Saving Judgement: SISI Streaming Schedule

Did a big hardware upgrade at home this week, and I'm looking for an opportunity to do some more streaming.  With the industry changes being so complicated and causing so much melodrama, I figure this is an excellent chance to kill two birds with one stone.

For at least two weeks, I expect to try out an ambitious streaming schedule.  Once the changes hit SISI, I want to walk through all the changes for myself and give my reactions/feedback/whatever.  Might as well take a page out of Johnny Pew's book and stream those for everyone interested.

Monday: 0100-0300 UTC
Wednesday: 0100-0300 UTC
Friday: 0200-0300 UTC

After the initial streams, I will probably need to shift to one weekday and some weekend streaming, but let's worry about that when we get there.

EDIT: Helping Hands

Didn't handle this correctly when I posted.  So let me get this appropriately updated.

To help, I need people who will help with the POS redeploys that will need to be done when the test server is refreshed.  This is expected to happen nearly-daily, so I would be extremely grateful to have a few assistants on hand, pre stream, to make sure POS towers are deployed and online before the party starts.

Want to join?  Great!  Put an application in for 4th Circle Investment Bank on the main server.  Before fanfest concludes, I will be granting POS/research rights in this corp.  The hope here is to beat the ~monthly~ server mirror and avoid the need to do corp shuffling on sisi.  Also, park that character (or a jump-clone) in Tash-Murkon Prime.  This will give easy access to Providence so we can test the whole gamut of industrial tools without having to have to muddle with access rights.

Also, feel free to continue commenting on the blog here, so I can keep straight who is who!


Unknown said...

I would be interested in helping out. Will you set up baselines where you set up shop in null, low and high then run the same jobs to compare? Dinsdale has anchoring V and can Gallente Indy V

Unknown said...

Not sure how much help I can be But lols..
this name will find you one of my toons in game. got 4 indy skilled children :)
if you don't call for help, please post in G+ when your going to do the streams, I don't want to miss it..

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