Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Kronos Streams: Schedule update

As of this morning, Kronos is not on Singularity yet.  Rather than repeat and speculate with nothing to show yet, I won't be streaming tonight.  Also, I have a conflict on Friday, so though I could probably make the originally promised 0200 broadcast time, it will be a tight fit.  I am also going to add a Saturday or Sunday stream for anyone who can't make the weekday streams.  I know these are a weird/late TZ for most.

NEW Schedule (dates are US): 
  • Weds 5/7: CANCELED
  • Friday 5/9: TENTATIVE 0200-0400
  • Sunday 5/11: 1800-?
  • Monday 5/12: 0200-0400
  • Weds 5/14: 0200-0400
  • 5/16-5/19: likely no streams
Adding a Google calendar so I can update the schedule without having to write a new blog post.  It's a hectic season IRL.


Unknown said...

thnx for the calendar, I'll try to catch the next stream :)

Unknown said...

I will update my Sisi build Thursday night, GMT, and if you want some help setting up, email me in game.

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