Tuesday, April 11, 2017

My Space-Retirement

I hate reading this kind of blog, and I hate writing them even more.  One day I should show off how many drafts of this I have stuck in limbo.  My IRL trajectory has steadily diverged from EVE, and it's time to accept that and make plans known.

We'll save the how/why for a little later, but I want to address fans of the show first.  The Prosper show has been the thread keeping me tied into EVE, and our community around Prosper has continued to surprise me with their knowledge and enthusiasm.  The community we've been able to generate around this niche-of-a-niche has been extraordinary and I am constantly floored by all the players in the space-economic sphere.  This whole project has exceeded every expectation, and I have to thank every single audience member and technical contributor that's got us here.  None of this would be possible without a whole lot of help from wide range of people.

Before you unsubscribe and leave everything in the dust, do know that I still hope to keep active in the blogging/streaming spheres.  Though we are closing this chapter in EVE, we are looking upward to new topics that I think many will enjoy.  Though I can't commit to details yet, know that I'd very much like to turn this brand of analysis onto something more real, and help teach more in the vein of the #devfleet.

Expect the final EVE Prosper show to air in June.  I'd very much like to hit #100 before we close this chapter, but I don't want this to be the end of our little community.  I am still enthusiastic about the same things that started Prosper (economics, programming, datascience) and still want to bring a down-to-earth style to topics that might look insurmountably complex.  But I cannot continue to be that resource for EVE.

Thank you everyone that has made this show possible.  Thank you to Caleb/Rhivre at the SCC-Lounge, Jeronica at EVE-Mogul, and thank you to Dirk MacGirk and Materall at INN, for helping weave a community both in and out of game with us.  Thank you to the Capstable crew and the likes of NoisyGamer for helping us grow this srsbzns niche.  And thank you immensely to Randomboy/Kane, Chris Mellen, and Etienne Erquiline for all the behind-the-scenes technical work to build EVE Prosper into what it has become... and I am sure I'm still missing a cavalcade of others who have helped us stand and grow.

No one truly quits EVE, and I can't for certain say this is the absolute end... but after 12 years of play, and 5 years of content making, it's time to look to a new chapter.  Please, do join us as we bring this show to a close, and thank you to everyone who has made this possible.  There are a few remaining projects in the runway, so be sure to watch to the very end.


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hey, appreciate your data. just recording an economic video and doing some really indepth research before i open my mouth.

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