Monday, June 3, 2013

Hitting the Big Times

My first staff article just went up at  This is my second article for the site, but I only wrote as a guest-author before.

It has been an amazing experience being in the newsroom at TMC.  I find the staff is incredibly open to my ideas, despite my misgivings about how many hits they will actually generate.  I am finding it a really refreshing experience to work collaboratively over at TMC, and it's breathing new fire into my inspiration to write/create elsewhere.

My (few) readers may believe that now that I've "hit the big times" I will neglect my blog here.  This is absolutely false.  Where TMC content is "for the masses", I believe that there are still a lot of personal and hyper-focused topics to talk about here.  As I make new tools, I will debut them here.  As I find mass trends worth reporting, I will use my TMC soapbox.  I hope to leverage both sources here for maximum scope.

With Odyssey just around the corner, there is a torrent of industrial topics to write about, so I hope to be busy on both sites.  I look forward to talking more about industry all summer!

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