Monday, June 17, 2013

We Must Protect Our Precious Bodily Fluids

This is going to be wildly off topic, but I was tickled enough to warrant a quick post on the matter.

I'm the kind of guy who always has a plan... and contingencies to those plans.  Though I do not hold myself to strict guidelines of those plans, I always have some sort of 6mo plan, 1yr plan, 4wk plan.  As such, I am always referring to Plan A, Plan B, and so on, to try and keep the horizon for goals on track.

Then, there is always the "terrible plan".  The sort of plan I never seriously intend to follow through on, but makes an intriguing threat.  Plans like "join Miniluv and gank freighters to specifically destroy competing product", or "tell my IRL VP's the truth".

Today's PSA is brought to you by the letter R

Plan R is worse than suicide.  It's a "I'm going down and taking you all with me" plan.  Plan R is the AWOX. Plan R is bombing your boss by ruining your department's reputation with the board.  Plan R is something so insanely stupid, destructive, and suicidal that no clear thinking person would contemplate it beyond a joke.

It's somewhat useful to have the terminology for it though.  Every once in a while you are in an organization or situation where there is absolutely no-win scenario.  Even rarer than that, you may be actively at the bottom of the chain on something particularly nasty.  And though in 99.99% of situations where there are completely reasonable paths to exit, abort, or lose... once in a while you need a FU-bomb of such magnitude that everyone is killed during the fallout.

I joke about Plan R's, but rarely have them.  Plan R is the last of last resorts.  I just hope this PSA will add Plan R to your lexicon, and people will stop giving me clueless looks when I use it as reference.

Also, if you have not consumed Dr Strangelove, you're really doing yourself a disservice.  I put it in my top 10 movies for all EVE pilots.

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